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As with most busy cities, noise can be a real problem and Bristol is no exception. Our soundproofing products and installation services can help resolve the most typical Noise Problems associated with city life.

Traffic / Busy Roads
Loud Music / Anti-social Neighbours
Airports / Trainlines

We have worked for over 25 years in the soundproofing industry and have already installed soundproofing projects across Bristol and the South West dealing with all kinds of issues that arise through noise pollution. We have helped both Commercial and residential customers with different noise problems, from noisy neighbours and traffic noise, to loud music.

We can also help with your bespoke requirements such as Conference rooms, quiet office spaces such as design studios, Recording studios and even independent cinema.

Sound Proofing

Soundproofing solutions can be applied to areas such as bedrooms, living spaces, offices and recreational areas. Or any place you deem to have an issue with noise. If you have noise pollution problems, our sound absorbing panels and wall soundproofing solutions make noise pollution practically non-existent. Whether you have a drummer in the family or would just like some peace and quiet, Hush Soundproofing can help.


Useful for sound issues with terraced or semi-detached properties, offices with poor noise insulation or workspaces such as studios where noise needs to be kept to a minimum. Each partition is made bespoke to each individual installation.

Suspended Ceilings

Both our commercial and residential clients have a wide range of issues with noise that comes through ceilings. Soundproofed ceilings are the ideal solutions for those looking to drastically reduce noise from above. Whether you're a nightclub or pub owner looking to stop music escaping to different floors or a home-owners looking to reduce the sound of noisy neighbours from above, soundproofed ceilings could be the solution you need.

Floating Floors

Floating floors offer great way to reduce impact noise - useful in places such as flats and offices. There are many options available to you when considering soundproofed flooring. Acoustic membrane's, plasterboards and dense foam mats can be installed below floorboards, carpets, lino or laminate to ensure it's out of sight. We'll even make sure that furniture is moved and placed back in the exact spot upon completion.

If any of our services would be of benefit to you or your company, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8702 8130.

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