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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic soundproofing panels are perfect for reducing the amount of noise travelling through party walls without having to open the wall up. We have a range of products that can be attached to your existing wall and act as a barrier, stopping noise from getting through.

We must first accurately measure up the wall being soundproofed. This allows us to cut the panels to be an exact fit for the area. The panels are then glued to your party wall and all joints are taped, filled and smoothed. In some cases we may recommend soundproofing the floor joining the wall to ensure no sound escapes under the wall. The final surface is plasterboard and can be painted to suit your aesthetic requirements.

We also have acoustic panels that are suitable for ceilings and floors.

52mm panel

An excellent and rapid method of improving acoustic performance of a party wall. The 52mm panel is a unique combination of high density mineral wood with a plasterboard on its visible surface. It is possible to double up and have two layers of the 52mm panel covering your whole wall.

SS20 Wall Panel

An ideal solution for party walls, single skin brick walls, stud walls and breezeblock party walls. The SS20 panel consists of a thick layer of recycled rubber and two 12.5mm layers of Soundbloc plasterboard. The rubber can be cut and shaped to fit just about any shape either using a Stanley knife or a Jigsaw. He boards are bonded using spray glue and the perimeter of the wall is filled with acoustic mastic (a special form of mastic that is formulated for the function of filling gaps while maintaining acoustic integrity).

SBx Boards

SBx boards are the perfect product for reducing impact noise and airborne sound between two spaces. These are very common for reducing sound from noisy neighbours below but have a range of uses. They are known to be twice as effective as the heavy 15kg mats that are available elsewhere on the market. They are a natural product and are breathable, pollutant free and odourless. They are only 15mm thick which means that most doors will still operate un-hindered and they cause fewer problems with re-fitting skirting's. They are quick to fit and easy to shape. They work very well with under floor heating and yield similar results to Robust Detail floating floors which are 107mm thick.

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Hush Soundproofing also provide solutions for soundproof ceilings, soundproof floors, soundproof ceilings , recording studios, home cinemas, clubs and pubs, acoustic fencing and acoustic glass.

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